speedboat Lugano lake
speedboat Lugano lake
Speedboat on Lake Lugano

All watersports are allowed on Lake Lugano, like speedboats, waterskiing, jetskis, sailing, surfing, stand up paddling or swimming and fishing. This is quite unique for Italian lakes. You can rent a speedboat there (upon request we can arrange this for you) or bring your own speedboat.

Should you wish to bring your own, you will need a harbourplace. Directly in front of our chalets is the small harbour so make sure you book a place with your chalet reservation. You can request this in our booking form.

Italian and Swiss regulations for speedboats:

Because the lake has two nationalities, two different laws apply if you bring (or rent) your own boat. Our chalets are located in the Italian part in Porlezza, but with a speedboat you can easily reach the Swiss border at Gandria.

In Italy you may rent an Italian boat upto 40PK without the need of a navigation licence. In case you bring your own (speed)boat  (any PK)  you need a local permit as well as the licences listed below. This local permit can be purchased at city hall in Porlezza, after which you will receive a sticker that must be placed on both sides of the boat. This also applies for a boat longer than 2,5 mtrs.

In Switzerland you may rent or bring your own boat without a navigation licence upto 8PK.

Bring your own speedboat?

The following documents are necessary according to the Italian regulations for Lake Lugano:

-ID (Passport or ID card)

-ownership papers (ICP)

-navigation licence (ICC)

-insurance papers translated in Italian and with a minimum insured amount of € 5.000.000,- per person and  € 1.000.000,- per material damage.

 Check this before you drive into your holiday:

Before leaving for Porlezza with your boat we strongly advise you to check both the Italian and the Swiss regulations. We are not accountable for the accuracy of the provided information.

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