Lake Lugano in Swiss Ticino and Italian Como province
italian lake district and Lugano
Italian lake district


Plenty to do and to see at Lake Lugano and its surrounding area, for all ages. Enjoying the good Italian life and its mediterranean weather is the motto around here.

Lake Lugano is the smallest of the Italian lake district but still is about  50 km2  surface and has beautifull scenic routes for a nice daytrip. In Porlezza there is a touristic office with actual events for your holiday, but also in our chalets there is a lot of information to visit the area.

Lazy sunbathing on the beach or more of an active holidayguest? A lot of tips can be found on our Twitter and Facebook page. The province Ticino, in which Lake Lugano is located also has a very nice  Facebook page.




Porlezza at Lake Lugano

Next to the campsite you can find the Windsurf school of Porlezza, where you can rent boards, sailboats or take classes to learn how to surf, sail or stand up paddle.

Hidden in the secret valley in the mountains behind Porlezza there is a beautifull but icy cold waterfall (cascata in Italian). It is a very nice hike with the ulimate test: Who is brave enough to swim underneath? Take a picture or make a movie and upload it to our social media.

Another exciting experience is golfing in the Alps. In the near vicinity there are plenty of golfclubs to be found, but our favorite is George Clooney’s golfclub: Menaggio golfclub!  Just 20 min. drive away from our chalets and you have scenic views on both Lako Como and Lake Lugano. But don’t forget to hit the ball in the hole!

The city Lugano

Dive into Lugano city for a feel of luxury with its authentic centre full of small streets with Swiss treats and designs. Lugano organizes lots of cultural events and also Sail competitions. It has a beautifull long stretched boulevard lor take a boattrip around the lake or hire a waterbike. A speciality of Lugano are the funicolare, the rack-railwaytrains, which are a must do and cost in the centre practically nothing. The two mountains Monte Bré  and San Salvatore  are the watchers of the city. You can hike the mountain or take the funicolare and enjoy the scenic views on Lake Lugano and its Alps. Attend a grotto (Italian-Swiss speciality restaurant) for a nice meal, there is plenty of choice.

Lago di Como

Lako Como is totally different from Lake Lugano and only 20 min. drive away. The way over to Como is a treat on its own with lots of hairpin turns. It is obvious the rich and the famous choose there villa’s here once you get to the lake. The nobility all have their holiday houses here or stay at one of the many great hotels. The best known celebitry, who often rides his motorbyke thru Porlezza, is George Clooney who bought Villa Oleandro in Laglio. Take a boattrip to the peninsuala Bellagio and roam the little handcrafts shops for a nice souvenir.


Milan is a big metropolitan only 70 km’s away. If you like art and culture, a day will not be enough. The last meal of Leonarda da Vinci, and many more can be seen here. For football fans, the San Siro stadium of AC Milan and Inter Milan is the place to be. Are you a fashionista then scoring a Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren is easy. Too expensive? Plenty of outlet centres in Milan but also at Lake Lugano to be found. 


The Swiss people have always been known for their bravery and courage. In this part of the world you can try out many different adventures. To name a few: mountainbiken, swiss canyoning, summersledding high in the Alps, bungee jumping, mountainclimbing, mountain hiking, and many more. Especially for the kids, but secretly the adults love it as well, there is an adventurepark at Monte Tamaro where they can be like Tarzan and Jane high up in the trees. Funparks or tropical swimparks also close by. Flying in a waterplane or try Delta flying? All is possible at Lake Lugano.

Valle Verzasca

A valley of magic hidden deep in the mountains along the river Maggia. A romain bridge Ponte Dei Salti with the prettiest sky blue icy cold mountainwater you have ever seen. Sunbathing on the rocks and watch the brave Swiss men jump the 12 meters high old bridge. Marble rocks made by this fast streaming water. A huge weir where the film James Bond Goldeneye was recorded and where you can act the part in bungee jumping yourself, if you dare!  Buy a traditional lunch in one of the little restaurants hidden in the woods. Life can’t get any better. 


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